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The Federalism Report (originally the Notebook) began in 1972 provides research notes, papers, course syllabi, book reviews, bibliographies and other items of interest to federalism scholars. Over the decades, the Notebook/Report provided a sounding board for preliminary ideas and research by member scholars. Some highlights include:

  • Deil S. Wright, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, “Intergovernmental Relations: Origins of a Term,” III:2 (Fall 1973).
  • Jaime Benitez, Resident Commissioner of Puerto Rico, “The Future of Commonwealth,” IV:4 (Fall 1974).
  • Research note in which Raymond Tatalovich analyzes the frequency of campaign stops by Democratic and Republican candidates in the presidential races from 1932 to 1972 based on the size, party competitiveness, and region of states visited, 6:3 (Summer 1976).
  • Why Sixteen Billion Dollars Have Not Saved the Central Cities: An Exchange” by Howard Schuman (Assistant to Senator William Proxmire), Donna Shalala (Assistant Secretary of HUD), and Paul Dommel (Brookings), 9:4 (Fall 1979).
  • Donald S. Lutz, “Federalism and Changing Ideas of Rights in America, 1621 – 1983,” 14: 1/2 (Summer 1986).
  • John Pittinger, former Pennsylvania Education Secretary and Rutgers Law Professor, offers thoughtful suggestions for a “Federalism Research Agenda,” 16:1 (Summer 1990).
  • Samuel Beer, “Federalism and the Nation State: What We Can Learn From the American Experience,” 18:2 (Winter 1992).
  • Charles H. Hamilton’s Research Agenda, “Citizenship and Voluntarism: On the Vitality of Civil Society,” 18:3 (Spring 1993).
  • John Kincaid, “Reinventing Federalism: Principles and Challenges” – an ACIR report to the President with a good distillation of principles and challenges facing American federalism at the time, 18:3 (Spring 1993).
  • Bibliography of current works in print on covenant and politics, including a bibliography of Bill Clinton’s “New Covenant,”21:3 (Fall 1996).
  • John Kincaid’s U.S. Senate Testimony on Coercive Federalism, 21:3 (Fall 1996).
  • Daniel J. Elazar’s nuanced analysis of the variety of ancient confederations in “The Hellenic-Ionian Leagues: The First European Confederations,” 21:4 (Spring 1997).
  • Richard L. Cole and John Kincaid, “Terrorism and Federalism,” 25:1-2 (Winter/Spring 2002).
  • Vladimir Ryzhkov, State Duma Deputy and former CSF international institute participant, “The Russian Federation: Diversity versus Unity,” 26:1-2 (Winter/Spring 2003).


  • Winter/Spring 2006 Volume 28 Number 1/2Download
  • Winter/Spring 2003 Volume 26 Number 1/2Download
  • Summer/Fall 2002 Volume 25 Number 3/4Download
  • Winter/Spring 2002 Volume 25 Number 1/2Download
  • Spring/Summer 2001 Volume 24 Number 1/2Download
  • Spring/Summer 2000 Volume 23 Number 2/4Download