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Since its establishment, the Center has been committed to strengthening the teaching of federalism in higher education as well as in elementary and secondary schools.

Teaching Awards

The Center for the Study of Federalism (CSF), a respected academic organization, seeks to make up to three awards in the amount of $2,500 each for middle-school and high-school unit plans that advance the teaching and understanding of federalism as a principle and process of U. S. politics and government.

Federalism is a multi-faceted concept that is often misunderstood as either states’ rights or federal power. Federalism is about balancing both. In broad terms, federalism involves balancing opposite forces such as national and state concerns, unity and diversity, centralization and decentralization. Applicants must incorporate content consistent with the article “What is Federalism?” in their unit plan. This article can be found under the “Exploring Federalism” page on the CSF website.”

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Federalism Digests

Analyses of contemporary issues from experts at the Center for the Study of Federalism.

The Federalism Digest provides readers with clear, accessible, brief, engaging, and non-partisan articles that highlight the importance of federalism as a political concept, an organizing principle, a practical perspective, and a perennial issue. Please direct any questions or comments to Dr. Thomas Vontz at

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Federalism Matters Podcast

Federalism is American government’s best kept secret. Its influence is pervasive and profound. Though not mentioned in the Constitution, federalism’s meaning and application have been at the center of disputes from 1776 to the Civil War to our current culture wars. We are scholars who focus on federalism, and through this podcast, we explore how federalism, from practice to theory, shapes our politics, policies, culture, society, and daily life.

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The Federalism Minute

Federalism’s influence on American government, culture and society is pervasive and profound, yet often unexplored. This short podcast examines single, practical topics to show how federalism’s influence is real and relevant in average citizens’ daily lives.

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