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India's Supreme Court and "Uncooperative Federalism"

POSTED | Jul 01, 2022

Abhishek Mishra and Hrithwik Singh explore the significance of the Supreme Court's recent use of the term "uncooperative federalism." Read more here.

Federalism and Abortion

POSTED | Jul 01, 2022

In an interview in the Economist, Jamal Greene discusses the role that, he asserts, federalism plays in exacerbating divisions over abortion (password required). Read more here.

Federalism and Language Policy in India

POSTED | Jun 30, 2022

As part of the Forum of Federations' Occasional Paper Series, Asha Sarangi and Abhimanyu Sharma examine language policy and federalism in India. Read more here.

Cooperative Federalism and States' Rights in Environmental Policy

POSTED | Jun 30, 2022

Kevin Cramer, a U.S. senator from North Dakota, explores states' rights and cooperative federalism as they relate to environmental policy. Read more here.

German Federalism Archive Now Accessible

POSTED | Jun 29, 2022

The archives of the German federalist organization Europa-Union Baden-Württemberg are now open for viewing at the Historical Archives of the European Union. Read more here.

Federalism and Child Care

POSTED | Jun 29, 2022

Angelina Romanchik compares how federalism affects child care policies in the federal nations of the northern and southern hemispheres. Read more here.

$750 Million in Federal Grants for Red Flag Programs

POSTED | Jun 28, 2022

New federal legislation includes $750 million in grants to the states to encourage the creation of red flag laws that would, among other programs, allow law...More

Federalism, Law, and Equity

POSTED | Jun 28, 2022

Kellen Funk explores how the U.S. Supreme Court gradually transformed the distinction between law and equity into a doctrine of federalism. Read more here.

Review of "A Troubled Constitutional Future"

POSTED | Jun 27, 2022

Clare Rice has reviewed A Troubled Constitutional Future: Northern Ireland after Brexit, by Mary C. Murphy and Jonathan Evershed. Read more here.

Is There a "Centralizing Drift" in India's Jurisprudence?

POSTED | Jun 27, 2022

Gautam Bhatia examines the "centralizing drift" of the Supreme Court's jurisprudence in the years since State of West Bengal v. Union of India. Read more here.

Analysis of Federalism in Nepal

POSTED | Jun 24, 2022

Uttam Khanal analyzes how federalism has evolved in Nepal, the challenges of its implementation, and the advantages and disadvantages the system poses for the nation....More

Non-Minority Subnational Diplomacy

POSTED | Jun 24, 2022

Cristian Cantir writes that an additional category of subnational diplomacy actors -- beyond only minority-dominated regions such as Quebec -- should be identified and studied for...More

Report on the Future of Federalism

POSTED | Jun 23, 2022

Stanford's Bill Lane Center has released a report titled, "Future of Federalism and Foreign Policy Report." Read more here.

Survey of French-Speaking Canadians and Canadian Federalism

POSTED | Jun 23, 2022

Policy Options has presented the results of a new survey relating to French-speaking Canadians' opinions on federalism and their relationship to English-speaking Canadians. Read more here.

How Are States and Localities Using ARPA Funds?

POSTED | Jun 22, 2022

The University of Chicago's Government Finance Research Center has issued an analysis of how states and localities have used federal American Rescue Plan Act funds....More