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Regional Governance and Public Investment

POSTED | Jul 15, 2020

Brian An and Ralph W. Bostic examine the roles that institutional governance rules and power play in distributing public investments at the regional level. Read...More

States Challenge Federal Student Visa Policy

POSTED | Jul 15, 2020

A group of eighteen states have filed a lawsuit challenging the Trump administration's plan to force international students to leave the country if they do...More

Cannabis: Federal Legalization and State Borrowing Costs

POSTED | Jul 14, 2020

Writing for the National Review, Zoe Zorka suggests that federal legalization of marijuana would provide a crucial boost to an economy reeling from the coronavirus pandemic. Kadija Yilla...More

Call for New Federal Infrastructure Policies

POSTED | Jul 14, 2020

Christy Veeder writes that the ability of states and localities to control infrastructure development has been eroded as power in this area has shifted to...More

The Coronavirus and Canadian Federalism

POSTED | Jul 13, 2020

John Delacourt considers the economic and political challenges that the coronavirus pandemic has posed for Canadian federalism. Read more here.

"Canadian Federalism" Editors Consider the Effects of the Pandemic

POSTED | Jul 13, 2020

The University of Toronto Press has asked the editors of the upcoming fourth edition of Canadian Federalism for their thoughts about the potential effects the coronavirus...More

Supreme Court Declares Much of Oklahoma an Indian Reservation

POSTED | Jul 10, 2020

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that a large portion of eastern Oklahoma is an Indian Reservation, invalidating the state criminal conviction of a Native...More

Nepal, Federalism, and the Pandemic

POSTED | Jul 10, 2020

Prakriti Nepal, Amol Acharya, and Nicola Nixon examine how the coronavirus pandemic has affected Nepal. Read more here.

Canadian Federalism and Alberta's Economic Troubles

POSTED | Jul 09, 2020

Peter McKenna considers whether Alberta's economic challenges and its push for a "fair deal" could "require weakening the bonds of Canadian federalism." Read more here.

Congress Considers Restoring State and Local Refinancing Method

POSTED | Jul 09, 2020

Bipartisan support is growing for a repeal of the portion of the 2017 tax law that eliminated tax-exempt advance refunding bonds, a popular state and...More

Who Is Best Suited to Prosecute Corruption Cases?

POSTED | Jul 08, 2020

Yael V. Levy considers whether New York is better positioned than the federal government to pursue public corruption cases (password required). Read more here.

The State of the Australian Federation

POSTED | Jul 08, 2020

Chris Johnson interviews a group of officeholders and scholars for their thoughts on the state of federalism in Australia and how the federation has been...More

States Can Punish "Faithless" Electors

POSTED | Jul 07, 2020

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that states have the authority to require presidential electors to cast their votes for the candidate they had promised...More

Strengthening Horizontal Federalism in India

POSTED | Jul 07, 2020

Uday Shankar writes that a number issues related to the coronavirus pandemic have highlighted the need to strengthen the nation's "horizontal federalism." Read more here.

Federalism, Marijuana, and Cross-Border Sales

POSTED | Jul 06, 2020

Benjamin Hansen, Keaton Miller, and Caroline Weber examine whether cross-border cannabis sales could lead to a "race to legalize." Read more here.