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Federalism and the Presidential Election

POSTED | Jan 22, 2021

In an op-ed, Kenneth F. Payne lauds the role that federalism played in the most recent presidential election. Read more here.

Strengthening American Federalism

POSTED | Jan 22, 2021

Several writers with Governing call for a strengthening of American federalism "from the bottom up." Read more here.

Podcast on Federalism and Peacebuilding

POSTED | Jan 21, 2021

The Forum of Federations has released a podcast episode focusing on how federalism has been used in the effort to achieve peace and development in Ethiopia, Myanmar,...More

Treasury Nominee Open to More Support for States and Localities

POSTED | Jan 21, 2021

Treasury nominee Janet Yellen has indicated her support for increased federal funding for state and localities. Read more here.

States and Localities Lean on Public-Private Partnerships

POSTED | Jan 20, 2021

A lack of funding assistance from the federal government has increasingly led some states and localities to seek public-private partnerships (password required). Read more here.

Limited Federal Mask Mandate

POSTED | Jan 20, 2021

Jacob Sullum contends that Joe Biden's decision to order a more limited mask mandate than what he originally called for reflects an appropriate limitation of...More

Conference on Constitutionalism and Federalism

POSTED | Jan 20, 2021

Liberty University will host a conference on March 5-6 titled, "Culture and Crisis: Reconciling Constitutionalism and Federalism in a Time of Crisis." Read more here.

Has Federalism Been America's "Achilles Heel" During the Pandemic?

POSTED | Jan 19, 2021

Sarosh Nagar considers the U.S. response to the coronavirus pandemic and concludes that "the virus exploited the structural fragility of federalism" to the detriment of the nation's...More

Should the United States Implement a National Pandemic Law?

POSTED | Jan 19, 2021

Stephanie Cooper Blum explores whether and how the federal government could implement a national pandemic statute. Read more here.

National Constitution Center to Host Discussion of Federalism and States' Rights

POSTED | Jan 18, 2021

The National Constitution Center will host an online, bipartisan discussion of key issues relating to federalism and states' rights on January 26. Read more here.

Somalia and the "Threats of Federalism"

POSTED | Jan 18, 2021

Abdirashid Diriye Kalmoy traces the development of federalism in Somalia and contends that "federalism has failed" in the nation. Read more here.

Biden Proposes State and Local Relief

POSTED | Jan 18, 2021

President-elect Joe Biden has announced a plan to provide $350 billion in emergency relief to states and localities (password required). Read more here.

Interstate River Water Disputes in India

POSTED | Jan 15, 2021

Sayanangshu Modak and Ambar Kumar Ghosh examine the constitutional and federalism issues that lead to interstate river water disputes in India. Read more here.

Safe Injection Site Held to Violate Federal Law

POSTED | Jan 15, 2021

The U.S. Third Circuit Court of Appeals has struck down, under federal law, a plan to open the nation's first safe-injection site in Philadelphia. The...More

Nigerian Intergovernmental Transfers and Subnational Revenue Generation

POSTED | Jan 14, 2021

Kayode Taiwo examines the effect that unconditional intergovernmental transfers have on the revenue generation efforts of subnational governments in Nigeria. Read more here.