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Podcast on the State of Australian Federalism

POSTED | Jul 23, 2021

In its "Democracy Sausage" podcast, the Asia and the Pacific Policy Society present, "Finger Pointing, Federalism, and Alternative Facts." You can listen here.

Coronavirus and "Federalism, Chinese Style"

POSTED | Jul 23, 2021

Philipp Renninger considers how well the central-local levels of Chinese government have responded to the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic. Read more here.

Book on Canadian Policy Diffusion

POSTED | Jul 22, 2021

Brendan Boyd and Andrew Olive have edited Provincial Policy Laboratories: Policy Diffusion and Transfer in Canada’s Federal System (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2021). The book explores how...More

New Report from the Forum of Federations

POSTED | Jul 22, 2021

The Forum of Federations has announced the release of a new report by Michael Burgess and G. Alan Tarr, "Sub-National Constitutions in Federal Systems." Read...More

Federalism and State Health Policy Decisions

POSTED | Jul 21, 2021

Rachel Block examines the role that federalism plays in state health policy decision-making. Read more here.

How Are States and Localities Using ARPA Funding?

POSTED | Jul 21, 2021

Bill Lucia explores the many ways that states and localities are using federal pandemic relief funds. Read more here.

Federalism and Canada's Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic

POSTED | Jul 20, 2021

A group of scholars recently participated in a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation discussion of federalism and the coronavirus pandemic. Read more here.

Conservative Support for Decentralization

POSTED | Jul 20, 2021

Diego Fossati examines the political experience of Indonesia to contend that in some circumstances, "decentralized governance may be instrumental to conservative and exclusionary ideologies." Read...More

Corporate Tax Rates and Renewed Fiscal Federalism

POSTED | Jul 19, 2021

Tracy A. Kaye and Michel De Wolf consider whether, in light of advances in internet-based trade, the current division of the global tax base is...More

Federalism and Artificial Intelligence

POSTED | Jul 19, 2021

Chad Squitieri reviews Frank Pasquale's book, New Laws of Robotics, and suggests how the federal government and the states could regulate artificially intelligent technologies in a way that promotes...More

New Book on Gerrymandering and Federalism

POSTED | Jul 16, 2021

A group of scholars have written Gerrymandering the States: Partisanship, Race, and the Transformation of American Federalism (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2021). The authors trace the...More

Webinar on Wales and Devolution

POSTED | Jul 16, 2021

On July 20, the Federal Trust for Research and Devolution will present a webinar discussing the Welsh perspective on shared governance in the United Kingdom....More

More Instability for Ethiopia?

POSTED | Jul 15, 2021

Mehari Taddele Maru predicts that Ethiopia's recent elections will not bring peace and that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is "actively dismantling the current multinational federalism...More

Court Blocks Maryland's Plan to End Federal Unemployment Benefits

POSTED | Jul 15, 2021

A Maryland state court has blocked Governor Larry Hogan's plan to pull the state out of the federal program that provides continued unemployment benefits (password...More

Is the Federal Government Closer to Legalizing Marijuana?

POSTED | Jul 14, 2021

Brooke Staggs examines whether federal legalization of cannabis -- which has been legalized by many states -- is on the horizon. Read more here.