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About the Editors and the Contributors

Last Updated: 2023

JOSEPH R. MARBACH is currently Chair and Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science at Seton Hall University. His areas of expertise include federalism and intergovernmental relations, state and local government and politics, and New Jersey politics.

ELLIS KATZ is Professor Emeritus of Political Science at Temple University, where he taught courses in American federalism, constitutional law, and state and local government. He is the author or editor of more than 60 books, scholarly articles, and research reports, including Federalism and Rights (1996), American Models of Revolutionary Leadership (1992), and State Constitutions in the American Federal System (1989).

TROY E. SMITH is Associate Professor of Political Science at Brigham Young University of Hawaii, where he teaches courses in U.S. Congress, American federalism, and constitutional law. His work has been published in Publius: The Journal of Federalism and Congress & the Presidency.

Robert Agranoff, Indiana University–Bloomington

Barbara Allen, Carleton College

John Alvis, University of Dallas

Carl Antonucci, Capital Community College

Harvey Asher, Drury University

Jeffrey S. Ashley, Eastern Illinois State University

Mohammed Badrul Alam, Miyazaki International College, Japan

Kelly J. Baker, Florida State University

Lynn A. Baker, University of Texas School of Law

Ruth Bamberger, Drury University

Taunya Lovell Banks, University of Maryland Law School

Holly R. Barcus, Morehead State University

Andy Bardos, University of Florida

J. Edwin Benton, University of South Florida

Meredith Bintz, University of Massachusetts

J. Michael Bitzer, Catawba College

Keith Boeckelman, Western Illinois University

David Bogen, University of Maryland Law School

Jeremy Boggs, George Mason University

Curtis A. Bradley, University of Virginia School of Law

Richard A. Brisbin Jr., West Virginia University

Roy E. Brownell II, U.S. Department of State

Gary Bryner, Brigham Young University

Michael L. Buenger, Missouri Office of State Court Administrator

Margaret M. Butler, Rutgers University

Brian Robert Calfano, University of North Texas

Charles D. Cole, Samford University

David R. Connelly, Western Illinois University

Richard C. Cortner, University of Arizona

Robert J. Cottrol, Rutgers School of Law, Camden

Thomas H. Cox, University of Kansas at Kearney

Dennis J. Coyle, Catholic University of America

D. Steven Cronin, Mississippi State University

Sue Davis, University of Delaware

Michelle D. Deardorff, Jackson State University

Dwight V. Denison, New York University

Marshall DeRosa, Florida Atlantic University

Martha Derthick, University of Virginia

Matthew K. DeSantis, University of Florida

Keith William Diener, Stockton University

Robert Jay Dilger, West Virginia University

John J. Dinan, Wake Forest University

Anthony L. Dodson, State University of New York, College at Potsdam

Michael Doonan, Brandeis University

Hans L. Eicholz, Liberty Fund

Daniel J. Elazar, Temple University

James W. Ely Jr., Vanderbilt University Law School

Richard L. Engstrom, Lakefront University of New Orleans

Michael Esler, Ohio Wesleyan University

Victoria A. Farrar-Myers, University of Texas at Arlington

John P. Feldmeier, Wright State University

Paul Finkelman, University of Tulsa College of Law

Patrick Fisher, Seton Hall University

John Francis, University of Utah

J. Gregory Frye, J.D., M.P.A.

Peter Galie, Canisius College

James A. Gardner, Western New England College

Staci L. Gates, Southwest Missouri State University

Scott D. Gerber, Ohio Northern University

Edward G. Goetz, University of Minnesota

Leslie F. Goldstein, University of Delaware

Robert A. Goldwin, American Enterprise Institute

Robert P. Goss, Brigham Young University

Mark A. Graber, University of Maryland

Lino A. Graglia, University of Texas School of Law

Charles Grapski, University of Florida

Richard K. Greenstein, Temple University

Eric Grulke, Washington State University

Kevin R. C. Gutzman, Western Connecticut State University

Michael W. Hail, Morehead State University

Jeremy L. Hall, University of Kentucky

Russell L. Hanson, Indiana University Bloomington

Douglas B. Harris, Loyola College in Maryland

Jason Hartke, George Mason University

Robert Heinrich, Brandeis University

Gordon P. Henderson, Widener University

Thomas Henderson, National Center for State Courts

W. Bartley Hildreth, Wichita State University

Candice Hoke, Cleveland State University

Janet M. Holdsworth, Midwestern Higher Education Compact

Kenneth M. Holland, University of Memphis

Arthur Holst, Water Department, City of Philadelphia

Todd Hubbs, Southwest Missouri State University

Nicholas W. Jenny, Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government

Herbert A. Johnson, University of South Carolina

Yasuhiro Katagiri, Tokai University

Daphne A. Kenyon, D. A. Kenyon & Associates

Junseok Kim, Ph.D., Gyeonggi Research Institute, Korea

John Kincaid, Lafayette College

Karl T. Kurtz, National Conference of State Legislatures

Ronald M. Labbé, University of Louisiana, Lafayette

Robert W. Langran, Villanova University

Christopher W. Larimer, University of Nebraska

Audrey Wolfson Latourette, Stockton University

J.Wesley Leckrone, Temple University

Robert Lee, Gilder Lehrman Collection

Sanford Levinson, University of Texas School of Law

Phoebe Liebig, University of Southern California

Laura E. Little, Temple University

Jonathan Lurie, Rutgers University

Stanley B. Lutz, Bryan Cave, LLD

Martin A. Maldonado, University of Florida

Robert J. Marbach, West Chester University

Judi Masson-Pickel, Brigham Young University

Anne M. McCulloch, Columbia College

Jack McGuire, SUNY Potsdam

Mitchell McNaylor, Independant Scholar

Susan Gluck Mezey, Loyola University of Chicago

Lisa L. Miller, Rutgers University

Mark C. Miller, Clark University

Sarah Miller, University of Toledo

Duane D. Milne, West Chester University

Vincenzo M. Mogavero, Seton Hall University

Paul Moreno, Hillsale College

Richard Morgan, Bowdoin College

Mary Hallock Morris, University of Southern Indiana

James A. Morrison, Standford University

Daniel Mulcare, New School

Bruce Allen Murphy, Lafayette College

David C. Nice, Washington State University

Brian J. Nickerson, Pace University

John D. Nugent, Connecticut College

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Jaime Ramón Olivares, Houston Community College–Central

Vincent Ostrom, Indiana University–Bloomington

Joseph N. Patten, Monmouth University

Luke Perry, University of Massachusetts

Vaughn Pickell, Smith Hartvigsen, PLLC

J. Mitchell Pickerill, Washington State University

Jeremy Plant, Penn State University

Paul Posner, U.S. General Accounting Office

Benn Prybutok, Montgomery County Community College

Edward A. Purcell Jr., New York Law School

Gregory J. Renoff, Drury University

Michael J. Rich, Emory University

Lewis A. Ringel, California State University, Long Beach

Ralph A. Rossum, Claremont McKenna College

Tory Rutledge, Southwest Missouri State University

Richard Samuelson, University of Virginia

Sanford F. Schram, Bryn Mawr College

Kyle Scott, University of Houston

Aaron Sheehan-Dean, University of North Florida

Harlow W. Sheidley, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

Arnold Shober, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Stephanie A. Slocum-Schaffer, Shepherd College

Alvin D. Sokolow, University of California, Davis

Jordan M. Steiker, University of Texas School of Law

Carl W. Stenberg, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Jennifer Stonecipher, Drury University

Ira Straus, U.S. Coordinator, Committee on Eastern Europe and Russia in NATO, since 1992

Barry Sweet, Clarion University

G. Alan Tarr, Rutgers University, Camden

Michael A. Taylor, Seton Hall University

Paul Teske, University of Colorado, Denver

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Heather Elise Trela, State University of New York, Albany

Aimable Twagilimana, State University of New York, Buffalo

Peter N. Ubertaccio III, Stonehill College

Jack R. Van Der Slik, University of Illinois at Springfield

Robert W. Van Sickel, Indiana State University

Kevin M.Wagner, University of Florida

Deborah E.Ward, Seton Hall University

Conrad J.Weiler Jr., Temple University

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Stephen J.Wermiel, American University Washington College of Law

Russell Wheeler, Thurgood Marshall Federal Judiciary Center

Nelson Wikstrom, Virginia Commonwealth University

Elizabeth G.Williams, James Madison University

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Curtis H.Wood, Northern Illinois University

Deil S. Wright, University of North Carolina

Thomas Yatsco, U.S. General Accounting Office

Ernest A. Young, University of Texas Law School

John Todd Young, Ball State University

Joseph F. Zimmerman, University at Albany

Michael Zuckert, University of Notre Dame