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Federations and Populist Movements

POSTED | Feb 11, 2020

Jason Parker reviews the history of how various federations, such as the Central African Federation and the West Indies Federation, have developed and responded to...More

Podcast on Trudeau and the Politics of Federalism

POSTED | Feb 11, 2020

A group of commentators discuss the resumption of Parliament and how the government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau might find points of common interest with...More

How Would Medicaid Block-Grant Change Affect Funding?

POSTED | Feb 10, 2020

Nicholas Bagley contends that the Trump administration's plan to change Medicaid funding would "gut" the program. Seema Verma, the administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid...More

FDIC Proposed Lending Rule Draws Criticism

POSTED | Feb 10, 2020

A group of mostly Democratic state attorneys general are speaking out against a proposed Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation rule that they say would undercut state...More

"This Is Federalism"

POSTED | Feb 07, 2020

In a blog post, Ken Ivory calls for a renewed effort to become involved politically at the state, rather than federal, level. Read more here.

Georgia Bill: Local Governments Should Regulate Scooters

POSTED | Feb 07, 2020

A bill filed in the Georgia legislature would give local governments, not the state, authority over regulating electric scooters. The bill comes amid nationwide scrutiny...More

The Role of the Tenth Amendment

POSTED | Feb 06, 2020

Iseghohime Ehighalua reviews the history the Tenth Amendment and contends that the amendment "will always be at the intersection of how the executive and the legislative...More

Review of Book on European Local Autonomy

POSTED | Feb 06, 2020

A review of Patterns of Local Autonomy in Europe (London: Palgrave MacMillan, 2019) is available. Read more here and here.

Health Officials Scramble to Meet New Federal Travel Restrictions

POSTED | Feb 05, 2020

States and localities have struggled to comply with new travel restrictions issued by the Trump administration in response to the coronavirus (password required). Read more...More

Cooperative Federalism Urged for India

POSTED | Feb 05, 2020

Aymen Mohammed and Malavika Prasad urge the national government to develop new ways to foster cooperative federalism between it and the states. Read more here.

Federalism and Language Program

POSTED | Feb 05, 2020

The Eurac Research Winter School on Governance has announced that its program, "Federalism and Language," will be held February 17-28 at Innsbruck and Bolzano. Read...More

Brexit: Culture War with an Economic Fallout?

POSTED | Feb 04, 2020

In an op-ed in the Irish Times, Chris Johns condemns Brexit as a culture-war issue, but asserts that "A federal UK -- devolved power -- is...More

How Will Water-Rule Change Affect Businesses and the Environment?

POSTED | Feb 04, 2020

Patrik Jonsson reports on the possible benefits and challenges created by the Trump administration's rule changes regarding water protections: "Writ broadly, the shift underway is...More

Democracy and Federalism Panel Discussion

POSTED | Feb 04, 2020

The American Constitution Society recently hosted a panel titled: "Democracy and Federalism: Friends or Foes?" You can view the discussion here.

"Citizenship Federalism" and Inequality

POSTED | Feb 03, 2020

Kenneth Stahl writes that many nations have a form of "citizenship federalism," in which local citizenship exists alongside national citizenship. He contends, however, that this...More