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Philippine Constitutional Reform Task Force Calls for Senate to Take Up Reform Effort

POSTED | Dec 11, 2019

Members of the nation's Inter-Agency Task Force on Constitutional Reform have requested that the Senate hold its own public hearings in hopes that constitutional reforms, including a...More

Canada's "Stubborn State of Federalism"

POSTED | Dec 11, 2019

Paul Wells writes that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau prefers to "make big decisions in isolation" rather than consult with provincial leaders. Wells contends that this does...More

States Cut Environmental Budgets As Trump Administration Weakens Federal Authority

POSTED | Dec 10, 2019

The Trump administration has been working to give the states more responsibility for curbing pollution, but a new study reveals that 30 states have cut...More

Does Ethnic Federalism Threaten or Benefit Ethiopia?

POSTED | Dec 10, 2019

Olivia Woldemikael contends that ethnic federalism, a system intended to unite Ethiopia, is tearing the nation apart. Read more here.

Federal Judicial Expansion and State Courts

POSTED | Dec 09, 2019

Diego A. Zambrano examines the increasing federal judicial expansion into state-court power and federal monopolization of large and complex litigation. He contends that "federal expansion...More

Cooperative Federalism and Parliamentary Sovereignty in Canada

POSTED | Dec 09, 2019

Noura Karazivan analyzes the tension between cooperative federalism and parliamentary sovereignty in the context of the nation's constitutional jurisprudence. Read more here.

Book on Federalism and American Public Policy

POSTED | Dec 06, 2019

Andrew Karch and Shanna Rose have written Responsive States: Federalism and American Public Policy (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2019). The book explore how federalism has influenced the...More

Fiscal Federalism and Federal Grant Reform

POSTED | Dec 06, 2019

Joshua T. McCabe looks at several key concepts of fiscal federalism to examine possible ways to improve the nation's federal-grant system. Read more here.

Trump Administration Curtails Food Assistance

POSTED | Dec 05, 2019

The Trump Administration has completed a new rule that will limit states' ability to shield food-assistance recipients from heightened federal work requirements. The U.S. Department...More

Federalism and State Standing

POSTED | Dec 05, 2019

Ernest A. Young writes that states' standing to sue in the federal courts should be construed broadly because "the structure of modern cooperative federalism regimes—in...More

Gamble v. United States Case Note

POSTED | Dec 05, 2019

Harvard Law Review has published a Leading Case note on the recent Supreme Court opinion affirming the separate-sovereigns doctrine. Read more here.

Comparative Federalism Position Announced

POSTED | Dec 05, 2019

The University of Innsbruck has announced an opening for the position of professor of comparative federalism research. Read more here.

Yemen Leader Calls for Federalism

POSTED | Dec 04, 2019

Yemen's president, Abdrabu Mansur Hadi, has declared that a federal system of government is the solution to the nation's civil war. Read more here.

Federalism and the Electoral College

POSTED | Dec 04, 2019

G. Alan Tarr addresses what he suggests are five misconceptions about the Electoral College, including, he contends, the idea that the Electoral College was intended...More

An Opportunity Created by "Wexit"?

POSTED | Dec 03, 2019

Ian Holloway contends that "Wexit" presents the people of Alberta an opportunity to revitalize federalism: "What Alberta could do — and in so doing, make a...More