Federalism Commentary

The Passing of Robert Agranoff

Intergovernmental relations expert Robert Agranoff has passed away. Click here to read an obituary by John Kincaid.


Municipal and Transnational Perspectives on Federalism: The View from Latin America”, in this paper Dr. Kent Eaton examines the state of federalism in Latin America with an emphasis on the need to include municipal governments and transnational actors into a federal analysis.  In addition, he calls for more attention to be given to better understanding the difference between unitary and federal systems of government, the relationship between federalism and ethnicity, and what factors contribute to the strength of federal institutions that politicians and elites cannot easily dismiss.  Dr. Eaton presented this paper at the CSF Panel at the 2019 APSA Annual Meeting, in Washington, D.C.

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Declarations of Independence

CSF Fellow Stephen Schechter reminds us that the Declaration of Independence was preceded by myriad similar declarations developed at the local and colony levels. Click to read more.


Decentralizing Federal Employees: Mexico and the U.S.

CSF Fellow John Kincaid discusses Mexico’s proposed decentralization of federal agencies and compares the Mexican system of public administration to the United States. Click to read more. 


Localism: U.S. Mayors Oppose Federal Policy

CSF Fellow John Kincaid explains why U.S. mayors are increasingly pushing back against federal policy and points to other historical instances of mayoral activism in this article from Time.