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Inter-Provincial Business Regulation in China

Guang Shen writes that China and the EU's multilevel governance structures have led to challenges in preventing lower-level political entities from impeding capital mobility.…

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American Federalism

Anniversary of Cicero’s Murder

It is believed that 2,060 years ago, Marcus Tullius Cicero—a great Roman hero for the American founders—was murdered on December 7 on orders of…

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Other Federal Countries

The Success of “Federal Democracy”

James A. Gardner writes that the success of two-tiered systems of federal democracy can be puzzling for a variety of reasons. He suggests that…

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Other Federal Countries

Solidarity and Federalism

Erika Arban examines the scope of the principle of (federal) solidarity and its relationship with other doctrines such as Bundestreue, federal loyalty, and cooperative…

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Other Federal Countries

“Smart Devolution” and Metropolitan and City-Regional Politics

Igor Calzada explores the process of devolution and the emergence of right-wing and progressive nationalism. Calzada argues that an ongoing “metropolitanization effect” is increasingly…

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Other Federal Countries

Criminal Charges Filed Against Carles Viver

The government of Spain has filed criminal charges against Carles Viver Pi-Sunyer, former director of the Institut d'Estudis Autonòmics (Institute of Self-Government Studies) in…

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Other Federal Countries

Educational Policy Diffusion in Subnational Brazilian Governments

In this paper, Catarina Segatto explores how the decentralization of education policy by the 1988 Brazilian Constitution has affected educational policy diffusion. Specifically, Segatto…

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Other Federal Countries

Regionalization and Career Trajectories in Italy

Selena Grimaldi and Michelangelo Vercesi use an original dataset to examine whether the Italian regionalization process has affected regional chief executives’ career trajectories from…

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Other Federal Countries

Federalism, the Welfare State, and Belgium’s 1993 Reforms

Tobias Arnold and Isabelle Stadelmann-Steffen assert that political scientists have long disagreed about how federalism influences a country's welfare state. No agreement exists, they…

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Federalism Matters Podcast

Federalism is American government’s best kept secret. Its influence is pervasive and profound. Though not mentioned in the Constitution, federalism’s meaning and application have been at the center of disputes from 1776 to the Civil War to our current culture wars. We are scholars who focus on federalism, and through this podcast, we explore how federalism, from practice to theory, shapes our politics, policies, culture, society, and daily life.

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The Federalism Minute

Federalism’s influence on American government, culture and society is pervasive and profound, yet often unexplored. This short podcast examines single, practical topics to show how federalism’s influence is real and relevant in average citizens’ daily lives.

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