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Wesley Leckrone is Distinguished University Professor of Political Science at Widener University where he also serves as Department Chair. He earned his PhD in Political Science from Temple University in 2006. He received an MA in History from Temple in 1995 and a BA in Political Science from American University in 1991. His areas of expertise are federalism and intergovernmental lobbying, state politics and policy, and Pennsylvania politics. Leckrone is the former editor of Commonwealth: A Journal of Pennsylvania Politics and Policy, the journal of the Pennsylvania Political Science Association (PPSA). He serves on the Executive Board of the PPSA.

Before joining the faculty at Widener University, Leckrone served as the Project Coordinator at the Pennsylvania Policy Database Project at Temple University. He coordinated a team of students at five universities that collected and coded 170,000 records related to Pennsylvania state government. This database is publicly available for online analysis. He also served as the Program Director at the Center for the Study of Federalism (CSF) at Temple University. At CSF, he helped coordinate two United States Information Agency Summer Institutes, served as the editor of The Federalism Report, and worked with the Philadelphia International Visitors Center.

Leckrone has also assisted in several United States Department of State Summer Institutes run by the Robert B. and Helen S. Meyner Center for the Study of State and Local Government at Lafayette College. He is a former member of the Board of Editors of State and Local Government Review, the Board of Fellows at Temple University’s Center on Regional Politics, and was a Faculty Advisor to the Pennsylvania Policy Database Project (PPDP), also located at Temple University.


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