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Conceptualizing, Measuring, and Theorizing Dynamic De/Centralization in Federations Paulo Dardanelli, John Kincaid, Alan Fenna, Andre Kaiser, Andre Lecours, and Ajay Kumar Singh FREE ACCESS

The Centralization of Australian Federalism 1901-2010: Measurement and Interpretation Alan Fenna FREE ACCESS

Dynamic De/Centralization in Canada, 1867-2010 Andre Lecours

Dynamic De/Centralization in Germany, 1949-2010 Andre Kaiser and Stephan Vogel

Dynamic De/Centralization in India, 1950-2010 Ajay Kumar Singh

Dynamic De/Centralization in Switzerland, 1848-2010 Paulo Dardanelli and Sean Mueller

Dynamic De/Centralization in the United States, 1790-2010 John Kincaid FREE ACCESS

Dynamic De/Centralization in Federations: Comparative Conclusions Paulo Dardanelli, John Kincaid, Alan Fenna, Andre Kaiser, Andre Lecours, Ajay Kumar Singh, Sean Mueller, and Stephan Vogel FREE ACCESS

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