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March 22, 2019 The Coming of Dual Federalism Gregory Ablavsky offers an alternative view of the eighteenth-century origins of federalism, contending that federalism did not develop as a repudiation of unitary sovereignty. Rather, he contends, federalist ideology arose as a form of centralization in which diffuse sovereignty was concentrated in the hands of only two sovereigns. Read more here.   [Read]

March 22, 2019 Class Actions and Cooperative Federalism Jordan Elias writes that class actions brought in federal court but based on state law can lead to confusion and disagreement about the meaning of particular state laws. Elias urges federal courts to embrace the practice of certifying state-law questions to state supreme courts so that the federal judiciary does not take over questions of […]   [Read]

March 21, 2019 Cooperative Federalism and Consent Procedures Bridget A. Fabey examines the consent procedures involved when the federal government offers a grant and a state consents to it. Fabey argues that while these “consent procedures” do register a state’s agreement to accept a grant, the procedures also “shape how states internally discuss, deliberate, and decide whether to join federal programs.” Read more here.   [Read]

March 21, 2019 Federalism and Brazil’s 1891 Constitution José Ernesto Pimentel Filho traces how federalism was adopted by Brazil following the 1889 coup against the monarchy, including the extent to which American federalism inspired the drafters of the nation’s constitution. Read more here.   [Read]

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Conceptualizing, Measuring, and Theorizing Dynamic De/Centralization in Federations Paulo Dardanelli, John Kincaid, Alan Fenna, Andre Kaiser, Andre Lecours, and Ajay Kumar Singh FREE ACCESS

The Centralization of Australian Federalism 1901-2010: Measurement and Interpretation Alan Fenna FREE ACCESS

Dynamic De/Centralization in Canada, 1867-2010 Andre Lecours

Dynamic De/Centralization in Germany, 1949-2010 Andre Kaiser and Stephan Vogel

Dynamic De/Centralization in India, 1950-2010 Ajay Kumar Singh

Dynamic De/Centralization in Switzerland, 1848-2010 Paulo Dardanelli and Sean Mueller

Dynamic De/Centralization in the United States, 1790-2010 John Kincaid FREE ACCESS

Dynamic De/Centralization in Federations: Comparative Conclusions Paulo Dardanelli, John Kincaid, Alan Fenna, Andre Kaiser, Andre Lecours, Ajay Kumar Singh, Sean Mueller, and Stephan Vogel FREE ACCESS

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