Research Grant Recipients

2022: Dr. Samuel Workman, West Virginia University, research on “Local Budgetary Dynamics: Extra Pie and Budgetary Tradeoffs” ($15,000).

2022: Dr. Janine Parry, University of Arkansas, research on “State Party Monopolies Since the New Deal” ($13,749).

2022: Dr. Michael J. Nelson, Penn State University, research on “Is the Culture War Exacerbating Brain Drain?” ($14,000).

2022: Melanie Fillmore, Boise State University, dissertation research on “Collaborative Governance on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Persons in Idaho” ($4,090).

2021: Associate Professor Shanna Rose, Claremont McKenna College, for research on “Federalism and the Minimum Wage” ($14,708). Final Grant Report – Shana Rose – Sept 2022

2021: Associate Professor Duane Milne, West Chester University, for research on “A Longitudinal Analysis of the Fiscal and Perceptual Costs of Unfunded Federal Mandates on Pennsylvania Counties” ($15,000).

2016-2018: Associate Professor J. Wesley Leckrone, Widener University, for student research assistants to help develop CSF website content ($1,000)

2016: Associate Professor Andrew Karch, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, for research on “States as Stakeholders: Federalism and Policy Feedback Effects on Governmental Elites” ($14,758)

Publications: Karch, Andrew and Shanna Rose. 2019. Responsive States: Federalism and American Public Policy. New York: Cambridge University Press.

2015: Associate Professor Eric Zeemering, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL for research on “Federalism, Borders, and Local Networks for Great Lakes Water Protection” ($12,668)

Publications: Zeemering, Eric S. 2018. “Comparing Governance and Local Engagement in the St. Marys River Area of Concern.” American Review of Canadian Studies.

2014: Professor John Kincaid, Lafayette College, Easton, PA, for 2014-15 sabbatical support ($50,619)

2014: Professor Barbara Allen, Carlton College, Northfield, MN, for support of documentary film on the lives and works of Vincent and Elinor Ostrom ($11,000)

2013: Professor Richard L. Cole, University of Texas, Arlington, for support of a graduate research assistant for survey research on teaching federalism ($5,000)