The CSF Federalism Research Grant


The Center for the Study of Federalism (CSF) awards grants totaling up to $15,000 each for original research and/or writing that advances thinking about federalism as a principle of American government, law, or politics. Areas of focus may include but are not limited to:

  • Political philosophy and theory
  • Political history and development
  • Public policy
  • Law (including constitutional law)
  • Political institutions
  • Political behavior
  • Political culture

The grant may be used to cover costs of travel, lodging, and meals that are necessary and essential for research purposes, research materials (including relevant software), fieldwork, surveys, research assistants, and other pertinent research expenses. The grant may cover expenses related to attending conferences and publishing CSF-supported research. CSF will not pay overhead or indirect costs to any institution or person. The grant may not be used to purchase equipment, such as a computer.


Applicants are expected to have earned a doctoral degree and to have a record of published research. CSF seeks to support the work of scholars who will further the study of American federalism. Scholars and faculty members from colleges, universities, and independent research institutions are welcome to apply.


The maximum amount of the grant will be $15,000 for a one-year period. Grants are payable to the applicant’s home institution.


March 15: for a June decision.

October 15: for a January decision.


Recipients must submit a mid-term report indicating major activities and the progress of work, spending completed to date, whether work is proceeding on schedule and in budget, likelihood of timely completion, expected publications, and proposed schedule or budget changes if any. All changes exceeding 10 percent of funding require prior approval. A final report is due within 60 days after the end date of the one-year grant cycle. The final report will include major findings, activities undertaken, monies spent, written products, and publication plans. Additional instructions will be provided with the grant notification award letter.


Applicants should submit a research proposal that includes the following:

  1. A narrative, not to exceed 1600 words, explaining the scope and significance of the subject matter to be researched, the research design, a work plan, and publication plan (including potential outlets).
  2. Bibliography, not to exceed one page, of works cited and important works in the field.
  3. A line-item budget showing the basis of calculation for each line (e.g., 10 books at $40 per book average = $400).
  4. A recent C.V.
  5. Two letters of recommendation.
  6. An official, signed letter or form from your institution’s grants officer approving of your application and indicating the institution’s willingness to receive and administer the grant.


Applications and inquiries should be submitted via electronic email to John Kincaid at [being re-developed].

Institutional Certification

Your proposal submission must be accompanied by an authorized institutional signature certifying that your institution approves your proposed budget, that your research proposal complies with your institution’s rules and regulations, and that your institution has the institutional facilities needed to conduct the proposed research.


All products generated with the use of CSF funding must acknowledge said funding as follows: Research for this work was conducted with support of a grant from the Center for the Study of Federalism.